Our Freight Carriers

Comprised of over 14,000 carriers ranging in all sizes, our carrier network is designed to help our growing geographical regions and nationwide freight movements. Each carrier has been carefully selected based on quality of service, safety and price. We understand the importance of their overall contribution to our success and treat each carrier as a partner.

AVi Logistics works with a large variety of customers in the industry. Whether it is dry van, refrigerated or even the specialized freight shipments, we are always looking to expand our carrier partnerships in the market. Give us a call or click on the carrier packet below to find out more.

Commitment to our Carriers

AVi Logistics knows how important the carriers are to the success of our tri-party agreement with customers and carriers. We understand that prompt payment and communication, along with professionalism is important to have in order to ensure we build the long term relationship needed for us to be successful on both ends.

Carriers are the back bone of the transportation industries success. To find out more about becoming a carrier for AVi Logistics, e-mail mailto:operations@avilogistics.com.

Download our Broker Carrier Agreement.


About Us

Our company philosophy is that while we do handle all of your freight needs, we are really in the relationship business.

What that means is we see times of challenge as opportunities to prove our worth as both a problem solver and valued partner who is always available. Internally we are a completely collaborative work environment, where every team member is positioned specifically to play to their individual strengths, which promotes an extremely strong team environment. Every member of the team contributes equally to the solutions we find for our customers.

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