Central transport is an AVi Logistics trusted freight carrier

About Central Transport
Central Transport is all grown up and revving its engines. Our innovative and dynamic LTL company has been the fastest growing in the industry, but we’re just getting started. You may not know much about us because we are a privately-held company. Our focus has been on creating a new industry business model that maximizes the value provided to customers. CT is proud to do business with many of the world’s largest corporations representing a broad spectrum of manufacturing, retail, and companies of all sizes. We are financially rock-solid and firmly positioned for the long term.

We operate a network of nearly 200 customer service centers. To serve you better, we have recently opened and expanded a number of facilities across the largest 45 states and Canadian provinces. We are one of few providers who can effectively service the long-haul market, all the major regional markets, and the international market. We’ve invested heavily in service capabilities in our customers’ biggest markets – Chicago, LA, Dallas, Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, and others. Yet this is the smaller part of the system-wide investments we continue to make.

Reliable, high quality service is the cornerstone of value, and Central Transport’s product definitely delivers. Our on-time service is extremely dependable and our transit times are competitive. That’s why we provide a no-upcharge guaranteed next-day service in certain regions. Just within the last year, we’ve purchased over 1,500 new tractors and trailers (100% air-ride to protect your freight) for the industry’s most modern fleet, with an average age of two years. Brand new “pups” are now in service throughout our system to reduce damage and transit times. We have fine-tuned our Activity Center network to minimize handling and maximize speed and quality.

We’ve invested millions in equipment and technology to move your freight (especially palletized freight) more efficiently and protect it from damage and loss, including the installation of loading bars and decking systems throughout our fleet. Central Transport’s approach to quality service is proactive. Each Activity Center has its own Quality Assurance executive. Our Process Engineering group ensures standardized practices system-wide and continuous improvement. This goes way beyond C-TPAT and many other programs for which we are also certified. Customers have recognized the value of this method and benefited from it. For example, Schneider Logistics recently named Central Transport as its “Carrier of the Year” for the third year in a row.

Our most important investment and source of value to you is our company drivers. Due to an aggressive recruitment campaign and the highest pay scale in the industry, we have attracted the best drivers and given them the most technologically sophisticated tools to be optimally productive with. And they are delivering, on time and with an outstanding safety record. The combination of a highly-trained and motivated work force, clear performance standards, and process discipline has created a truly responsive, customer-focused culture throughout Central Transport.